Our Summer 2024 NextGen is underway!

Summer 2024 NextGen Cohort

This cohort is Hardware Park's third NextGen cohort. The students are working on assistive technology and various medical devices.
Cohort Size
10 Students
Cohort Date
Summer 2024
Cohort Project
Assistive technology
Summer Semester

The students:

Tauni Green
Tuskegee University
Computer Engineering
Tahli King
Materials Engineering
Noah Swaim
Auburn University
Industrial Design
Mackenzi Parks
Biomedical Engineering
Kylie Hattery
Auburn University
Industrial Design
Krusha Patel
Biomedical Engineering
Jose Ramirez
Biomedical Engineering
Enoch Booher
Auburn University
Mechanical Engineering
Branquez Haynes
Tuskegee University
Electrical Engineering
Bhumi Patel
Biomedical Engineering

About the third NextGen cohort at Hardware Park

Hardware Park’s NextGen program is a hands-on engineering program for students in Alabama. The NextGen students gain access to cutting-edge technologies, industry mentorship, and real-world project experience, setting them on a path to becoming future leaders in engineering and design.

Many of this cohort's students are dedicating their engineering talents to developing innovative technologies aimed at assisting individuals with disabilities. Students are also working on private, proprietary technology that can't be disclosed at this time.

The Cohort

The Summer 2024 NextGen cohort is comprised of the following students:

  • Enoch Booher (Auburn University) Mechanical Engineering
  • Tauni Green (Tuskegee University) Computer Engineering
  • Kylie Hattery (Auburn University) Industrial Design
  • Branquez Haynes (Tuskegee University) Electrical Engineering
  • Tahli King (UAB) Materials Engineering
  • Mackenzi Parks (UAB) Biomedical Engineering
  • Bhumi Patel (UAB) Biomedical Engineering
  • Krusha Patel (UAB) Biomedical Engineering
  • Jose Ramirez (UAB) Biomedical Engineering
  • Noah Swaim (Auburn University) Industrial Design

A new, key addition to the NextGen leadership team

The previous NextGen student cohort notably built a prototype for OD Revive, a wearable technology designed to detect and report opioid overdoses, showcasing the program's impact and the students' innovative capabilities.

D.J. Strickland, PE, has been appointed as the new Director of NextGen Programs. With a decade of experience in civil design consulting and project management, and a combined 8 years of teaching and directing engineering programs at Hoover High School and Thompson High School, D.J. brings a wealth of industry and educational expertise to the role.

See his profile on our leadership page.