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Some Current and Former Companies

Hardware Park's
Company Directory

Check out some of our current and former tenant companies. Our tenant companies usually have an expertise in physical products, collaborate with other tenants, and are okay with getting their hands dirty.

BluTapp at Hardware Park


BluLateral Stones are personal devices designed to provide wireless bilateral stimulation (BLS) for the treatment of anxiety, PTSD, and trauma. It's particularly effective for individuals and groups, supporting up to 100 users simultaneously.

The stones synchronize with the BluLateral app to deliver calming relief from anxiety and stress. This is achieved through bilateral tapping that activates each hemisphere of the brain, helping to calm the brain's stress response.

BluLateral founder Chris Causey, MA, M.Div., LMHC has treated clients struggling with trauma and addiction using EMDR for 15 years.
Fleetzero at Hardware Park


Fleetzero is one of Birmingham's most ambitious companies. Check out this snippet on Fleetzero from the Associated Press (AP):

Fleetzero contends electric ships are best suited to wean the industry off carbon. The company was founded two years ago in Alabama to build cargo vessels with rechargeable battery packs.

CEO Steven Henderson says it envisions fleets of smaller, nimbler ships than huge container vessels. They would call at ports that have freshly charged batteries to swap for ones running low. Fleetzero’s prototype ship is slated to begin delivering cargo later this year.
Foxhound Bee Co at Hardware Park

Foxhound Bee Co

Foxhound is a full-service beekeeping supply company. They are the only consumer facing retailer located on the Hardware Park premise.

Adam, the owner, is a EAS Certified Master Beekeeper. Foxhound has a warm, inviting store on Hardware Park's 9th street entrance. The exact address is: 424 9th St N, Birmingham, AL 35203
OpenVia at Hardware Park


OpenVia's CEO, Patrick, is one of Hardware Park's favorite entrepreneurs.

OpenVia works with multifamily properties to provide smartphone access-control to tenants and guests. If you visit Hardware Park, it's likely that you will use OpenVia to enter the building.
Push Product Design at Hardware Park

Push Product Design

Push is a full service industrial design firm run by Lloyd Cooper and Foster Phillips. These pros enjoy taking on difficult challenges, from advanced jetskis to new medical technologies.

Push is truly a world-class design team. Lloyd and Foster also work on NexGen engineering and design programs at Hardware Park.
Rampart at Hardware Park

Rampart ic

Rampart IC is a medical device company that specializes in radiation shielding.

The Rampart M1128 device, shown here, is made of bismuth-infused acrylic panels that block radiation from reaching the operator. The Rampart M1128 is now distributed in over 50 countries.
Uphill Growth, the best in the biz, at Hardware Park

Uphill Growth

Uphill Growth is the lone marketing agency at Hardware Park. They work with many of the companies located at HP. The owner of Uphill Growth, Robert, made this website and typed this sentence.